Motivational Speaking

Brandi Vezina is a motivational speaker that focuses on the importance of gratitude in our daily lives, taking responsibility for your happiness and life, goal setting and the practice of meditation.

The focus of Brandi Vezina’s speaking is to get you to love yourself. Brandi will teach you techniques, phrases and behaviours to build your self esteem and self worth. Eliminating negative self, learning to appreciate and connect with your mind, body and spirit are what you can expect to learn from Brandi’s motivational speaking seminars and lectures.

Brandi will talk about addictions and how to replace those self destructive behaviours with new health building behaviours. Brandi’s health expertise will come in handy when learning how to replace old habits with new honest ones.

Brandi Vezina’s motivational speaking message is simple: self love is most important as is being honest with one's self. Brandi is officially on YouTube, check her out. Be sure to subscribe, leave comments and watch her weekly videos.

Brandi will work with small groups in schools, industry and non-profit organization. Brandi can present to large audiences, as a keynote speaker or in large group presentations. Brandi is a teacher and is especially talented working with at risk youth and adults, inspiring them to create a better future for themselves.

She works with people of all ages, sects and denominations. Brandi has worked with the Assembly of Manitoba, the Province of Manitoba, The Manitoba Teachers’ Society, Manitoba First Nation Education Resource Centre and a variety of other organizations.


About Me



Bobbi Mckay

I have learned the importance of being more healthy and active. Brandi's knowledge on healthy eating has been very helpful. I am more conscious of what I buy and what’s in the food I eat. I find it easier to choose foods that will be beneficial to the body, and how to incorporate them into my daily meals because eating right gives me more energy and makes me feel better at the end of the day.

I was never the most active person growing up, didn't play sports or get into going to the gym but it was always something I knew I needed to get into if I wanted to be a stronger and healthier. Brandi showed me that working out can be fun and doesn’t have to take a lot of time. By starting with what my body could handle she showed me simple workouts that I could do at home and easy routines that I could do at the gym.

Brandi has a fun, loving personality that definitely makes it easy to connect with her. You will want to get out and become a better person because she will motivate and inspire you to be the best you can.


Sean Macdonald


I have had the honor and good fortune to know and work with Brandi for five years in an educational setting. In that time I have witnessed her natural ability to connect with people of all ages and her positive effect on peoples’ lives. I am one such person. Through her teachings and conversation, I have learned to examine my life and how I manage it on a day to day basis. I have learned that I am in control of my future as well as how I react to my surroundings. She has been one of the most positive motivators in my life of late. She has helped me in simple as well as profound ways. She has helped me to look differently at the way I feed and fuel my person, both physically as well as spiritually. I am fitter, happier, and I hope, becoming a better person, day by day.





Catherine Campos

Miss Vezina's motivational speaking has truly touched my life and made me rethink of the outcomes of some choices that I have made. In just a year of having such an inspirational role model in my life I have found a new confidence, along with healthy and easy to do life routines that I will carry with me through out my years. Miss Vezina has taught us the importance of healthy eating by showing us what could potentially happen if you progress in eating unhealthy foods, and also with daily exercises that we took part of in class.

Not only has Miss Vezina informed us about healthy living, but connecting with our spiritual selves as well. I have learned to not bring any negativity with me into the future, be positive and keep moving forward. And most importantly, that the secret to being successful and accomplishing your goals is to own a positive out look on whatever you do. Miss Vezina has played a very important roll in my life, and I look up to her.


Jessica McCorrister

JesBrandi Vezina's health expertise has helped motivate and inspire me to value my life and to always do my best. I eat healthy food, exercise 3 days a week, and drink at least 2 bottles of water a day. I have so much more energy and drive now that I take care of my body. She gave me that extra push I needed to become a more healthier, confident person.